Resources and Links


National Novel Writing Month

Forward Motion for Writers

The Speculative Fiction Muse  (for writing inspiration)

Some blogs I follow in case some of you are interested in following them, too:

Endless Gateways (quarterly speculative fiction anthology)

D Anthony Brown (speculative fiction author)

Live to Write – Write to Live

Susan Wingate ( bestselling author)

Murphy Pagan (a little bit of everything)

The Nourished Seed (living with fibromyalgia)

butter, sugar, flowers (good food)

Tracy Lee Karner (living with chronic pain and recipes)

The Soulsby Farm (sustainable farming) (incredible collection of visual art)

The Scholarly Kitchen (scholarly publishing)

Robotic Rhetoric (just for fun) (food!!)

South Englishtown Gazette (pretty pictures and news from a friend)

My Body the City: The Secret Life of a Call Girl (it ain’t pretty)

Don’t Cry, Broken Angel of a Street Angel)

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