The BS Writers Group

A new venture for my writing group

Endless Gateways

All great things come from pie. Pie is the symbol of deep thinking, questionable nutrition, and camaraderie. At least it is for us at Endless Gateways, a.k.a. the BS Writers Group.

Our group met through National Novel Writing Month. We had all been in writers groups on and off. Quite frankly, none of those groups lasted. Something about the mixing of our personalities worked. We are nothing alike. True — we are human, we are writers, we like to laugh, and we’re smart-asses. And we like pie.

And we are completely different — an OCD IT geek not quite troll; a perky, huggy, optimistic vegetarian, ghost magnet; and a lone male, introverted, steampunk nerd, full-time writer.

The transvestite bonded us. It’s not what you think. One night at Baker’s Square (forever known as the BS place, which happens to serve pie), we were trying to figure out the…

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