Issue 1 Print Edition Sneak Peak

Hurray! I’m so excited to see what it looks like in a non-e-pub version 🙂

Endless Gateways

The print edition for Endless Gateways: Volume 1 Issue 1 has taken a rather long time. My apologies.

I’ve been busy at work setting up Hermit Muse Publishing (the publisher of Endless Gateways). Like any new business it needs a lot of new stuff: accounts, inventory, software. I’ve taken a leap this year and upgraded to Photoshop Elements, so I’ve been learning a few new tricks while I designed EG’s print edition cover.

And I’ve been learning my way around CreateSpace. Print-on-demand is completely new to me. I keep telling myself this will get easier the second time around. I truly believe that too. And seriously folks, it’s really not hard, just a learning curve.

The printer is sending me a proof, which I expect to arrive before the end of the month. The book — 64 pages long — contains all the stories from the e-book edition, but…

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