NaNo Calls and I must go

Yes, it is that time of year again. The insanity takes over and those of us who must write will take part in National Novel Writing Month. (Google if you need to know more.)

My local group met for a write-in tonight and all but one of us could not believe how crazy this first day had been. Every thing tried to derail us and yet, there we were, ready to write on Day 1.

Join us if you can!

A shout out to my friend Teagan Geneviene ( – Happy NaNo Girlfriend! Hope all is well in Atonement!


One thought on “NaNo Calls and I must go

  1. Hi Lynn — it’s great to see a post from you! Woot!
    Yes, I’m going to WriMo this year. I have so many drafts on the shelf that I intended to skip again this year. However, all my attempts these past (nearly FIVE) years to escape or better my situation have been failures. The last (in Sept) was a disaster. So to get my mind off it, what better than the monumental distraction of National Novel Writing Month?
    So, I’m not in it to win it this year at all. Just for the distraction.
    I have no story plan at all… just the idea of an old fashioned riverboat. So I’m going all out pantser! Happy writing, hugs, and… Tallyho!

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